10 Fun Roblox Cheat Sheet

For the one who doesn’t know yet about Roblox (and this will be a rare case, since this article will deal with Roblox cheat), Roblox is a popular multiplayer online game. The publisher is Roblox Corporation. In this game, you are able to create your own world virtually. Moreover, you can design your own game.

The other interesting feature in Roblox is that you can script your game trough an edition of Lua. With this feature, you can influence the events in your game, and even create different type of your desired scenario.  As a game, this totally addictive game will always generate cheat sheets from the fans. The following are some effective Roblox cheat you may use in the game.

  1. Cheat Code 1

If you want a free 400 robux as you reach Builder’s Club, type ‘brickmaster5643.’

  1. Cheat Code 2

Say if you want to have fun on an experience and level, then you can type “–” or “/” followed by 850000000000, for instance you may type 850000000000 / 850000000000 or 850000000000 – 850000000000 if you want to cheat on a level.

  1. Cheat Code 3

If you want to have cheat code to have a free OBC, use cheat code 94063.

  1. Do the Moonwalking

To do moonwalking, press and hold down the Up button plus S button simultaneously.

  1. Glide Your Way

To have the experience of gliding, you can have a jetpack, fly it a little and use your hammer to wreck the jetpack. Now, you can have the gliding experience. You can also do the gliding by jumping up and using your sword to start gliding.

  1. Trap a newcomer

Take a common chair and flip, and then take the chair into a newcomer’s ship. And if the newbie sits on it, he will be get trapped.

  1. Make a hoverboard

Another Roblox cheat is to easily make a hoverboard. Get your skateboard, and then get your jetpack and start to hover with your skateboard.

  1. Broken Ninja Mask

To have this Roblox hack, you can have a broken ninja mask by firstly get a Perfection head and get it to wear a ninja mask, now you have a broken mask.

  1. Freeze the game

You can freeze the game by pressing Ctrl plus F1.

  1. Flying hat

To have a flying hat, firstly you should wear a hat, and then go to a game (any game). Then press “=” (without the apostrof). You will see that your hat fly off your hat. The hat will come back to you if you die or if you walk to the hat.

Those are several Roblox cheat you may try in your next Roblox game. Have fun!

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