Angry Birds Epic Tips And Tricks To Guide You Playing The Game


Angry Birds Epic

Before you are spending your real money and in-game items to something useless, make sure you follow this Angry Birds Epic Tips and tricks. It will help to avoid spending money, choose what the best weapons to use, and prevent doing something pointless. Angry Birds Epic is the latest turn-based RPG game with different mechanics adding to the popular Angry Birds series. The irritated birds come once again in a medieval era with new swords, wizard hats and healing harps to fight against the Pigs as pirates who steal the egg once more.

Angry Birds Epic Tips To Spend On In-Game Purchase

Any in-game items and the Golden Chili is not worth to spend for a penny. When you start the game for the first time, there will be in-game advertisements pops up on your screen. It offers to buy the Golden Chili using Lucky Coins for 50% in a limited time. Lucky Coins is in-game currency used to buy many special items. But the coins are hard to find and the offer will expires before you can make enough coins. Consider buying the Golden Chili at full price with 125 Lucky Coins without the offer. Angry Birds Epic Tips recommend you playing the game normally will probable let you get that many Lucky Coins in just a few days.

Angry Birds Epic Tips To Weapon Stats

It is not always the best buying the newest weapon. There are many various blueprint for weapons, armor, and potions you will find during journey. Make sure you compare the Attack stats of the weapon and Defense of armor before equipping them. Also check for secondary effects that may cause an additional effect during battle. These can really make different at serious fight. There are enemies that can cast spell that increase their allies’ Attack power and shield. This Angry Birds Epic Tips will be important to negate these enemy casts by having a weapon or armor with Dispel effect.

Angry Birds Epic Tips To Crafting Items

It is only as a guideline the stats written on blueprints so it does not mean weapon with lower Attack Power on a blueprint is worse than your existing weapon. The stats of the weapon you craft is determined by dice roll whenever you craft a weapon. There can be an increase of chance of secondary effect in addition to Attack and Defense power. Remember Angry Birds Epic Tips that a 0-star weapon with higher level will never beat a 3-star weapon with lower level.

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