Attack The Light Tricks And Tips You Need To Know

Take a look at this top Attack the Light Tricks you need to know for the game. Attack the Light is light role playing game by Steven Universe. The game is addictive due to its colorful lights and unique gameplay. Try these tips to help you beat the game easier.

Attack the Light


Attack The Light Tricks For Additional Attack Chance

How the game works is similar to those in the Paper Mario games. Choose your character and strike type and then start the battle. There is the chance you can target and attack enemy every so often so you will deal some extra damage to it. This chance has the visual cues that you can see as the bright yellow star on the screen. This lets you deal additional attacks or boost the effects of your ability. Every character has this chance and make sure you apply this Attack The Light Tricks to deal the maximum amount of damage toward enemy.

Attack The Light Tricks For Blocking

You can defend yourself at the time when you see the handy bright yellow star similar to attacking. It is important to block in battle to avoid getting the full effect of an attack toward your character. You mostly just need one screen tap to block an attack you might have to tap frantically to block repetitively in some cases. The best Attack The Light Tricks to block attack is using Pearl’s special ability that can immobilize an enemy so it cannot attack in any way.

Attack The Light Tricks To Collect Star Fruits

There are various items in the game that can help you in battle. You will be granted three more Star Points added for your party is the Star Fruit. This important items give you access to more Star Points so you can spend it to use any of your characters special abilities. Star Fruits can be acquired by defeating enemies and found in chests in the battle field. There will be more chances to deal damage toward enemy if you collect them. You will also want to get six extra Star Points that can be earned by collecting Super Star Fruits. Fire Salt is another important item to use in battle that add fire element on your attack. Character equipped with this fire salt will be able to deal extra damage to enemies with water element. This is the great Attack The Light Tricks to help you make more damage to enemy.

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