Doom 4 Review And Impression

Developed by id Software, Doom 4 is a first-person shooter computer game available for PS4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows published by Bethesda Softworks. Since the release of Doom 3 in 2004, the game is the first key part in the series and is a reboot of the Doom series. You will enjoy continuous demon-massacre action all the way, awesome glory slay procedure, available all enemies and weapons from Doom series and fun multiplayer and customized SnapMap modes. However, enthusiasts would complain its almost useless map and monotonous level design.


Doom 4


Doom 4 Features

The game is a return of the previous series as the best Doom after all of these twenty years. It is the best id Software’s single-player game since Quake II it has developed. There are issues and it is not a success but it’s furiously exciting, smart, and persistent. Doom II has been the best Doom and now enthusiasts can have all things they have been wanting from a Doom series in this game. Taking the essential from the 1993 classic, Doom 4 is a modification of the original similar to the unsuccessful Doom 3.

Doom 4 Story

Doom 4 takes place on Mars where a doorway to Hell is opened and unleashes its entire demonic army. The previous series required you to make the setup that take entire time but now you can start the slaughter straight away. Once the game starts, you’ll burst your bullets toward the demons and won’t stop until the end of the Doom 4. There is a good line in humor and an exciting background story in the game. When you roam roughly the UAC’s facilities, you may want to listen the company announcements that most gamers will miss under the hectic shooting demons. What you really need to understand is to kill or be killed in the doorway of hell.

Doom 4 Gameplay

The gore remains available in the game but you won’t feel the horror but more on the action side. You will get the maps that look in the theme of the Alien movie with the splash of blood, flesh, and bone. The glory kill is the major and most notorious change to Doom’s original mechanics. This is a melee finishing move that rip off some of demon parts and throw the remains off. New in the game is you will get an increase of health and ammos from glory kill. You will get more bonuses with the bigger bruiser in Doom 4.

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