Future Car Concept That Will Blow Your Mind

Future car concept, we all already know that right now technology is expanding and growing really fast. Each day the scientists are finding new invention, starting from little gadget until big thing like cars. Nowadays a lot of people are doing campaign about reducing the use of gas and oil, so a lot of car industries are making their most sophisticated cars without using gas or oil for it, even though it is still a concept but it is perfect enough to make your mind blown. So here are some of the future car concept that you want to know:

Renault Trezor

This Renault car’s concept using electricity as its power. Its super unique design make it looks more futuristic and modern, the door of this car is not like other cars that usually has side door but this Renault Trezor has an up door, and when it opens, is not only the door but all of its up parts are also open.

Toyota U-Box

Toyota U-Box has a big and unique shape, this car is a perfect suit for a futuristic family car. This car’s up parts is fully covered with glass, and the good thing about this car that, you could upgrade the chairs that suit with the number of your family member.

Rolls-Royce 100 Vision

Not only having futuristic and fancy design, but this car is also have an interesting feature, it has super big OLED TV.

Citroen CXperience

This car has really cool features, besides having a really futuristic and fancy design, this car is also provided with electricity for its power and this car could run really fast with only less power which make this car power last longer than the other regular electricity power cars.

This car was made by Leeco from Tiongkok, this car is an electricity power car that could run up to 130mph, this car is also have a great futuristic interior design that has a lot of unique features that you could try.

Volkswagen Betlee

This future car concept from Volkswagen is really unique, this car has a really unique shape of tire and wheel, and this Volkswagen Betlee run with an electricity power. And the last cool feature that you’ll get from this car is that this car has a slide door for each doors.

And that are some of the car concept that you want to know, let just hope that these cars are not only a concept but one day would become reality. Hope this information could help you in knowing much more about future car concept.

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